Will You Be Happy in That Job? Three Ways to Know.

January 17, 2022

These three areas are indicators about whether you'll be happy at workAs we look at the work situation in the U.S., where people continue to leave their jobs, driving the Great Resignation amidst an ongoing pandemic, we have to ask: What is out of alignment for these workers?

What is making them so unsatisfied at work that they leave under such dire conditions?

I believe this question is tied to the three specific areas that serve as indictors for whether a person is satisfied in their career.

Those 3 areas are:

  • Which skills are we using?
  • What are our values?
  • What are our interests?

When these three areas are in alignment with the work we do and the company we do it for, we are typically satisfied in our careers.

But when one or more of them is out of alignment, dissatisfaction rises.

I suspect that what’s been happening during the pandemic is that there has been a shift in the values that workers hold.

Perhaps they realize what truly matters to them in this new day and age, and that it’s different than what it was just two years ago.

Or maybe they don’t agree with the way that their company is responding to the health challenges, or they don’t like how they’re being treated under these conditions.

It is also possible that their interests are shifting. Times like these make us step back and take stock as we ask, “Is this really how I want to live my life?”

In all of these cases, we’re looking at the need to align what we are good at (skills), what we believe in (values), and what we want to do (interests), with the way we spend our time at work.

As YOU think about moving ahead in your career, whether it’s to a new company that you’re looking for or in your current role, what will make YOU happy?

  • What are the skills that you want to be using?
  • What values do you want to make sure are in alignment with the company you work for?
  • What interests do you want to pursue?

These are not small questions. I encourage you to sit in them, think about them, and even write out some answers for yourself. They are important questions, and they indicate whether you’ll be happy in your next job.

Where do you want to go in your career?

Use this guide to create your own career path. You can choose your own adventure.

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