Why & How to Use LinkedIn Even When You Do Have a Job

August 9, 2021

Use LinkedIn when you have a job

Many career professionals only use LinkedIn when they are looking for a new job. I think this is a big mistake!

When you step away from active networking on LinkedIn, you stop growing and nurturing your online network. You miss out on opportunities to stay informed about your industry and current market trends.

You also lose important ground. If you stay connected, you keep yourself in the right position to put your network to work as soon as possible. A job loss often comes with no warning. Maintaining your online network is an important buffer that can reduce the amount of time you spend between jobs.

And what if you decide to look for a job but you want to stay at your current one until you find it? If you are already active on LinkedIn, your online activity won’t raise any red flags with your current employer because you are always active.

When my clients find new jobs, they often tell me: “I am going to keep networking!” I would like to tell you that many do but unfortunately that’s not true. Most people get involved in their jobs and don’t make the time in their new schedule for.

LinkedIn is the ideal place to keep your network alive while you are working.

...and it doesn't have to take too much of your time either!

Here are three things that I recommend you do on LinkedIn every single week, even if you have a job:

  1. Every day before you begin your workday, go to your LinkedIn home page and notification section and engage with your connections.
  2. Schedule between 1-3 virtual coffee chats each month with people you want to get to know better. Don’t just stick to people you already know. Also connect with people who seem to industry connectors or appear to be the someone “in the know.”
  3. Find a LinkedIn group related to your industry that is active. Look for groups that have regular posts and members who are commenting and sharing information. This can be a way for you to become a subject matter expert (aka an SME) and bring your expertise to the group.

If you do these three things each week, you will keep your network alive. When you need help with your next job search, your network will be ready and willing to help because you have stayed connected.

Finding time to keep your network alive while you are employed is challenging. But building and maintain your relationships is key to your career success. Being active on LinkedIn will keep you visible with your network and it could lead to a new job even if you were not looking for one.

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