"I believe you can achieve anything if you believe you can!"

- Jayne Mattson


Wouldn’t you love a career where you looked forward to going to work each day?

Imagine working with people you respect at a company that supports your values.

Imagine loving what you do!


The CareerEngage™ Program is designed to help you create a vision of what it means for you to be satisfied in your career.

Through a foundational 5-part webinar series plus individualized guidance, you will:

  • Assess your values and other key elements to identify what will truly make you happy in your career
  • Develop your personal marketing strategy based on what you’ve learned to get you where you want to go
  • Learn the action-driven networking strategy that will enable you to tap the hidden job market

Other workshops in the CareerEngage™ program include:

  • Building effective relationship for career success
  • Building virtual relationships using LinkedIn
  • How to identify corporate culture before you are hired
  • How to develop an accomplishment-focused resume

"Not only is Jayne an amazing coach and mentor, but she is also an amazing person. She went far above and beyond what would be expected of any career coach to truly help me find myself -- and a great job! When I met Jayne, I was in a job that probably wasn't the best fit and she helped get through the painful process of leaving that organization and moving on to a new job that I love. From getting through the initial shock of leaving my job, to entering the job market and interviewing, to helping evaluate offers, Jayne was there with great advice for all of it. She was never too busy to help and was always around when I needed her the most. She has the most positive attitude which is truly inspiring, and I really can't give her a high enough recommendation. Thank you, Jayne!"

- Melissa Castan, CMP, DES Account Manager at PAI Management Corporation

Upcoming Workshops

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Confidence Counts

Do you have big dreams, but lack the confidence to make them a reality?

Are you ready to set aside your hesitations and discover a new confident YOU?


This program is designed to help you:

  • Tune in to what is holding you back
  • Develop sustainable confidence that will fuel you throughout your life
  • Reach for your dreams in ways you never thought possible

If you are ready to discover your own confidence, this program is for you.


Workshops in the Confidence Counts program include:

  • Building confidence for career success
  • Developing sustainable confidence
  • How to be confident in networking
  • Rebuilding confidence after losing your job

"Jayne has been an integral part of my early career, from helping me to develop a knockout résumé to connecting me with professionals in my field. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Jayne for many years, during which she has mentored me in a number of aspects of my career. She always ends every meeting with take-away advice to help me work through future issues on my own. Anytime I have an issue that I am unsure of how to handle, Jayne is the first person I reach out to and she always has useful advice for me. Above all, I am impressed with Jayne's ability to navigate any professional situation with competence and dedication. And, of course, her extremely positive attitude is highly encouraging and unmatched! Jayne would be a true asset for any young professional that could benefit from an expert in career coaching and mentoring and comes with my heartfelt recommendation."

- Alexandra Hartman, M.A., M.S. Management Consulting Analyst at Accenture

Upcoming Workshops

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Individualized Career Guidance

Do you need help developing a job search plan for your unique goals?

Are you struggling to get to the next round of interviews and you don’t know why?


Receive individualized guidance to design the next steps in your career.

Together, we will develop a plan that is focused on your unique needs and desires. We’ll help you create a personalized job search strategy, build your confidence, and negotiate offers that will get you higher pay.


During our work together, we will:

  • Create a vision of the amazing future that is ahead for you
  • Provide you with clear, specific, and practical tips to help you attain your goals
  • Help you think through tough situations so you feel comfortable and confident as you take your next steps

"It is rare to find a career coach that is both personable and knowledgeable. Jayne is that coach. In addition to having valuable insights into the job market, she gives you the push you need to start achieving your career goals while still providing incredible support, guidance, and encouragement along the way. She is the kind of career coach you will want to call when you secure your first interview or when you are struggling with next steps in the application process. I highly recommend Jayne if you are looking for a great supportive and knowledgeable career coach."

- Olivia Baud, Non-profit early career professional

Need help figuring out your next move?

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