Rebuild Your Confidence After a Job Loss Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic

November 16, 2020

Improve your confidence“Who you are will always be the foundation of your success.” Suze Orman

Many people have lost their jobs due to the Covid Pandemic.

Whether you were laid off or furloughed losing your job at any time is scary. But losing it during the pandemic even more difficult when there is so much unknown and no end in sight.

Yesterday you were employedYour confidence was high.

You were adding value to the company and you were proud of sharing your accomplishments with others. You had a place that you belonged, a steady income, and a plan for the future.  [Jayne: We don’t know for sure that they were a top performer. I’m trying to include a sense of “I have a job” that would be valid for most people.]

Today, you are unemployed!  Your confidence is lower and that is expected.

The company had to make a tough decision during these times of the Covid Pandemic. Your unemployment is NOT because of your performance! The company’s revenue suffered and a difficult business decision had to be made. Your position along with others were affected by this decision.

But when you leave a company, you lose more than just your job. You lose a partnership with talented people, a community of friends, your daily routine, a sense of identity, plus your income. It can also have a negative impact on your sense of self-worth.

Looking forward… you will need to present yourself in the best possible light to a new prospective employer, so it’s important that you take the time to acknowledge and mourn your loss.  It is okay!

When anyone first loses a job, it is easy to fall into the trap of losing your confidence, which can cause you to doubt your ability to land a new position. If that happens, make bouncing back your top priority. The secret is not to stay too long in this space.

Aren’t you still the same talented professional who has the same skills, accomplishments, and expertise? The company did take those away from you as you headed out the door.

This all belongs to you. It is a part of you and it is what you bring to the table.

The only difference is you are no longer working for the same company.

The company took away your job, but they did not take your accomplishments. They are yours to take with you wherever you go. They are YOUR stories and YOUR experiences and YOUR skills. They do not belong to the company that you once worked for. Please do not leave them behind as you will need them for your next role.

It is not uncommon to lose your confidence during this period of transition. Re-gaining your mojo will be essential for a successful job search.

Based on my experience working with people in transition, these 7 tips have been helpful in re-gaining their confidence:

  1. Develop a routine around your job search plan

Treat your job search like a full-time job and develop a routine around it to regain a sense of control. Create a “to do” list that includes a variety of key activities including: applying for jobs, scheduling, virtual networking meetings, and using LinkedIn to create more visibility.  There are many activities that will keep you busy, so use your time wisely. Picking and choosing strategically will bring a sense of control.

  1. Find a supportive network

Surrounding yourself with a circle of support can help rebuild your confidence. The people who believe in you really do want you to find the right fit and they will be your best advocates. Anyone from former colleagues or acquaintances to family members can help boost your self-esteem during this time of transition.

  1. Be generous with helping others

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, use your new free time to help others. Establishing new connections and applying your skills to other areas like volunteering or taking on leadership positions in your community can help you bounce back.  It will also keep your skills sharp, make you feel better, and it will give you something to talk about when meeting others.

  1. Use positive affirmation

While getting support from others is key, it is also important that you believe in your own skills. Every single day, verbalize a positive affirmation and remind yourself that you possess valuable skills. Self-talk is an important part of rebuilding your self-confidence. Do not waste this time beating yourself up. Treat yourself as you would a treasured friend in the same situation. Yes, this will be hard to do sometimes… so recognize that you will have good and bad days and be compassionate with yourself.  It really will be ok!

  1. Take time to do something you love

Filling part of every day with something you love to do will fill you with positive energy.  It can be as simple as reading a book, listening to your favorite song, baking, or going for a walk. Make sure you do something every day and that it's a part of your day that you can look forward to.

  1. Practice self-care

Taking care of yourself spiritually, physically, and emotionally is so important during this time of stress! Exercise is a natural endorphin booster, so get moving! Walking, running, or riding a bike will certainly lighten your mood.  Since you might have neglected your work-out routine due to a busy work schedule, use your newfound time to get back into shape and feel better about yourself.

  1. Reflect back in time

Being prepared for the interview process can protect you from further disappointments and plunges in confidence. Spend some time reflecting back on what you’ve accomplished. Write them down so you can go back and remind yourself before a key interview. Capture the challenging project you were asked to lead, the goal you reached that you did not think you could achieve, and the rewarding things said about you during your performance review. Remember, those stories are still true!

Going through a job loss is never easy and expect you will have ups and downs. Practicing these 7 tips will help you rebuild and sustain the confidence you need to be successful in finding your next exciting role!

I have confidence in YOU! It is imperative that you have confidence in you, too!

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