How to Start Reconnecting With Your Network

April 19, 2021

How to reconnect with your networkAs you get ready to reconnect with your network, you might have some questions. How do you get started? What do you need to do? How can you best prepare?

I’m glad you’re asking these questions, because you’ll get better results if you don’t just go about it randomly.

Instead, let’s be strategic about this.

Below are three questions along with related action steps that you can take to get yourself moving in the right direction.

1. WHO will you connect with first?

Write down the names of the people who come to mind.

Maybe there are people you wished you could have connected with during the pandemic? Or people that you stopped talking to because of it?

If you have a calendar from previous years (I tend to keep one back 2-3 years), use it to help you develop your list.

Also check out your LinkedIn connections. This is a great resource because you can get an update of their recent activities at the same time.

2. WHAT will you say?

Compose a draft email of what you want to say.

The reason I want you to create a draft is because you’ll be able to say similar things to each person you reach out to. Start with the draft and then customize it for each of them.

While you’re thinking about what to write, I suggest you don’t spend too much time focusing on the pandemic. Everyone will be writing about that. Definitely reference it, but spend more time inquiring about them and setting up the opportunity to have an in person or virtual conversation where you can better connect.

In my book about relationship building, I offered a simple framework to follow: You, You, Me, You. The focus is on the person you are reconnecting with, there will be time for you later.

3. HOW will you send it?

Their business email address is fine. But if you have more of a personal connection, using their personal email could help you reach them and improve the chance of them responding.

Want to make a better impression than that? Send a handwritten note. If you have personalized stationery, use it! Everyone gets so many emails. Receiving a personal note in the mail clearly shows you took the effort, and it helps you stand out. If you usually communicate via LinkedIn messaging, you can also use that to re-connect.

We all have been on a journey this past year, which has been filled with both joy and heartache. It is exciting to be able to connect again! If we can be strategic about how we do so, we can make the most of this opportunity.

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