How to Have Balanced Networking Conversations and Leave a Great Impression

Networking conversations have the opportunity to be powerful for you, so let’s spend a moment talking about how to do them well.

Conducting Your First Post-Pandemic Networking Conversation

As you step out into the face-to-face networking world once again, keep this tip in mind. It will help your conversational partner feel heard and, in turn, help you leave a great impression.

How to Be Prepared for Networking

It’s time to start reconnecting with your network. Whether you’re still meeting with people virtually or networking face-to-face as the world opens back up, here are some key ways that you can be prepared for the opportunities coming your way.

How to Start Reconnecting With Your Network

As you get ready to reconnect with your network, you might have some questions. How do you get started? What do you need to do? How can you best prepare? In this article, I answer all of your questions.

How to Grow Your Confidence Step by Step

How do you become more confident? I’ve struggled with this. I wanted to be published, but had no confidence in my ability… and now, I’ve been published by big companies plus I’ve written my own book! How did I get there? Here’s my story.

Why You Should Network When You Already Have a Job

Just because you have a job doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be networking. In fact, that’s one of the best times to network. Here’s why.

Why and How to Stay Connected to Your Network (even when you have a job)

Keeping your network active will benefit you in key ways, including increasing your chances of finding a new job sooner.

How to Have a Networking Conversation

Communicating with people in your network can be tricky. Here is how to ease into a conversation smoothly and leave a positive impression.

Confidence in the Heat of Battle

I was doing a presentation and everything that could have gone wrong did! Instead of giving up, I persisted… and here is what I learned as a result.

What is the Hidden Job Market?

When we look back, it’s easy to see what went wrong, but it’s vital that we focus on what went right and draw on it as we plan for our future. Here’s the question to ask.