Will You Be Happy in That Job? Three Ways to Know.

As you move ahead in your career, whether it’s to a new company that you’re looking for or in your current role, what will make YOU happy? Look to these three areas for your answer.

Marking Time: Reflections on a Year

What if we could mark time from year to year in a way that creates cohesion for us? It turns out, it’s a powerful experience!

Speaking Up: How to Confidently Assert Your Boundaries at Work

When one of your boundaries gets crossed at work, what do you do? If you decide to speak up, how do you do that? Here’s what happened to me and what I did about it.

Drawing Lines: How to Maintain Healthy Boundaries at Work

It’s easy to feel torn between reaching for our career goals and protecting our personal lives. But that short-term view can lead to long-term misery. Here’s how to identify and set healthy boundaries.

The Career-Growth Gender Gap: It’s still here but we’ve got plans

Women face challenges when they try to grow their career that men do not. But when we understand those challenges, we can make plans and take action to address them.

Need a new job? Start here.

Start looking for your next job by assessing the factors that drove you to leave your last one. Here’s how to do that.

Having trouble finding a job? This might be why.

Are you struggling to find a job? It’s time to be active and strategic! Here’s exactly what you can do to find the right job for you.

Solve the Hidden Talent Shortage with a New Approach

People are looking for jobs so why aren’t companies hiring? Part of the problem is in the hiring process. Here’s a big idea for how companies can better connect with the right prospects.

3 Easy Tips to Leave a First and Lasting Impression

Networking is a key success factor for finding the right job. It begins with leaving a great impression. These tips will help you do that.

3 Things I Learned from the Students at the BU Questrom School of Business

I’ve been working as a career coach with the undergrads at the Questrom School of Business at Boston University. During this time, I’ve helped them and I’ve also learned from them. These takeaways are indicators of success, which is why I share them with you here.