Are you concerned about being laid off?

January 9, 2023

pictured: sillouette woman at desk with her head in her handsHearing about layoffs at your company can be alarming. It’s not something you can control and so they make you anxious. Or sometimes they’re a complete surprise because the company has kept it quiet, so you don’t even see it coming!

You might be thinking:

  1. My position is safe because of the role I do with the company. I am too valuable for them to let me go.
  2. My manager loves the work I do, and we get along so well, I would not be put on the list to be let go
  3. I hope it happens to me because I have not been happy in my job for a long time.

The truth is: No position is safe from being eliminated.

If your company is in a cost-cutting, reduce-headcount mode, they’ll do what they need to do.

What YOU can do is prepare yourself for it.

When employees hear about layoffs, they typically become reactive. They immediately start applying for jobs outside the company. Their moves can be desperate because they’re busy being afraid and they want to protect themselves. While this totally natural, it’s not necessarily the best first move.

Getting laid off is an opportunity, even if you aren’t happy about it. I invite you to be smart about your next career move. Instead of suddenly applying for jobs, choose to be intentional.

Your best bet is to get clear about your plan. What will you do if it happens to you?

This is less about taking action and more about planning for your best move.

First, assess what you want from your next position by evaluating your current one. What sort of work do you want to do, for what type of company, boss, and industry? What do you like and dislike about your current boss? Do you like the culture where you are? What about your current role helps you to do your best work, and what prevents that? What motivates you the most?

Next, consider your opportunities. What is your industry looking for now in skills and experience? Do you have the updated skills that will make you marketable to other companies?

These questions might seem difficult to answer before you activate your job search. And you’re right. They are a lot to think about. But it’s worth the time and effort. Knowing what you are looking for will speed up your search because you’ll have a better idea of what you’re looking for.

The best way to be prepared for a potential layoff is to get clear about what you want next. This is where you can take control. It will reduce your worry because you will see the opportunities, have clarity about your options, and be in a great position to hit the job market!

Where do you want to go in your career?

Use this guide to create your own career path. You can choose your own adventure.

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